gior provides a very simple, straightforward API; initialise your globe with gior, then add select your data with g_data. For testing purposes the package comes with sample data.


knitr::kable(head(country_data)) # sample data
from to value
PE PG 2935070
PE NL 6408452
PE TO 1912811
PE AE 6119993
PE GG 6793973
BF UG 7672134

Use ISO 3166 Alpha-2 codes, i.e.: United States of America = US.

country_data %>% # pipe the data
  gior() %>% # initialise
  g_data(from, to, value) # select columns

Then simply customise the appearance with:

  • g_color
  • g_control
  • g_brightness

Or use one of the 13 built-in styles with g_style, see ?g_style for the full list. Note that you can also change the country initally selected.

country_data %>% 
  gior( = "ET") %>% # Ethiopia selected
  g_data(from, to, value) %>%